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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is the use of ionizing radiation to treat cancer as well as some benign diseases. Ionizing radiation therapy injures or destroys cells in the areas being treated by damaging the cells' genetic material, thus making it impossible for the cells to continue to divide and spread. Although radiation damages normal cells as well as cancer cells, we rely on the normal cells to repair themselves sufficiently for the tissues to recover.

Leading-Edge Technology

Our leading-edge technologies include:

  • the Trilogy Tx™ Linear Accelerator
  • intensity modulated radiation therapy
  • image-guided radiation therapy
  • stereotactic body radiation therapy
  • 3-D and 4-D treatment planning

Radiation Therapy Patient Benefits

The Most Accurate Treatment Delivery

Our 4-D treatment planning in conjunction with respiratory gating integrates with the Trilogy linear accelerator to provide the most accurate, highly conformal treatment delivery for patients undergoing radiation therapy.

Additional benefits include:

  • Highest dose rate for shorter sessions
  • Faster treatment times
  • Tight isocenter alignments on all three axes targets the smallest lesions
  • Rapid on-board imaging repositions patients quickly and accurately
  • Cone-Beam CT, fine tune patient set ups with ultra-precise CT scans

External Beam Therapies

External beam radiation therapy is generally delivered in the form of either X-rays (photons) or electrons. This therapy can be used to treat cancer that lies deep in the body or close to the skin surface, adjusting the energy of the beam accordingly.

Our newer linear accelerators deliver a full range of external beam radiation therapy treatments, enabling us to best tailor treatment to suit the needs of the patient. These linear accelerators deliver a uniform dose of high-energy X-ray to the tumor, destroying the cancer cells while sparing the surrounding normal tissue.

Choose from a broad range of external beam therapies, including 3D CRT, IMRT, and IGRT. Technologies include:

  • Multiple dose rate options - up to 1000mu/min for efficient SRS delivery
  • 2D and 3D KV image guidance for higher quality imaging at lower doses
  • Full 360° range of treatment delivery angles with positional couch angles
  • Stereotactic frameless immobilization for patient positioning - allows for treatment to any area of the body.
  • Real-time Position Management™ (RPM) system, a 3-D imaging solution for patient setup and real-time tracking during radiation therapy using Vision RT that allows for breath-hold treatments and for gating perfectly timed beam delivery with minimal margins
  • Gated RapidArc with advanced motion management and open third-party interface
  • Portal Dosimetry IMRT treatment delivery verification
  • Dynamic high resolution MLC for exquisite beam sculpting
  • Delivery verification and quality assurance in Argus Linac and Argus IMRT quality assurance software

More Information on Radiation Therapy

To learn more, schedule an appointment with a Radiation Oncologist. Find a physician using Memorial Hermann's physician finder.