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Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is the most precise form of radiation therapy, offering pinpoint accuracy of the area to be irradiated while increasing the likelihood of completely eradicating a tumor with targeted dose escalation. This therapy allows for the delivery of higher radiation doses to targeted areas with minimal complications for surrounding healthy tissue.

Improved Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer

for prostate cancer For years, radiation oncologists faced limitations in targeting the prostate gland, because surrounding normal tissues such as the bladder and rectum limited the dose of radiation that could be given.

Fewer Side Effects

This technology enables higher doses of radiation therapy to be given to the prostate, with fewer side effects during and after treatment.

More Precise

Compared with 3-D conformal radiation therapy, IMRT enables more precise delivery of high-dose radiation to the prostate, with lower radiation doses to the surrounding normal tissues of the rectum and bladder.

Fewer Complications

In the past, the risk for serious bladder and bowel complications following radiation therapy for prostate cancer limited the dose of radiation that could be safely given. However, high doses of radiation are needed to control more aggressive cancers. IMRT has enabled higher doses of radiation therapy to be delivered with lower complication rates for patients with prostate cancer.