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Medical Oncology

Treatment plans may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biotherapy, stem cell therapy, hormonal therapy, antibody therapy or other investigational therapies, such as whole-body hyperthermia. The medical oncologist makes important medical judgments throughout the cancer patient's course dealing with anemia, infection, pain control and other complications which may impact overall survival.

Biotherapy - Monoclonal Antibodies (Targeted Therapies)

This therapy is used to destroy unique proteins present in certain types of cancers. Once the protein has been identified, it can be created artificially.


Memorial Hermann offers patients convenient, comfortable and private chemotherapy treatment services. Both outpatient chemotherapy services, and inpatient chemotherapy services are provided by experienced and compassionate oncology nurses.

Chemotherapy can be used to cure specific cancers, to control tumor growth when a cure is not possible, to relieve symptoms such as pain, to shrink tumors before surgery or radiation therapy, or to destroy microscopic metastases after tumors are surgically removed.

To combat the side effects of chemotherapy, Memorial Hermann patients receive the newest therapies, including medicines that increase blood counts and prevent nausea and vomiting. The use of these therapies, along with new delivery devices, makes chemotherapy much easier for patients to tolerate.

Outpatient Chemotherapy Services

Our outpatient chemotherapy services are available in convenient locations, close to our patients' homes and families. Patients receive personalized treatment services using advanced technologies. Comfortable treatment areas, staffed by experienced, caring nurses, offer private recliner infusion chairs and entertainment materials.

Inpatient Chemotherapy Services

Inpatient chemotherapy services are provided in the patient's private room. All of our oncology nurses have received training on the administration of chemotherapy, ensuring the best patient experience possible. Each patient receives personalized care, in a comfortable, caring environment.

Hormone Therapy

This form of cancer treatment removes hormones or blocks their action. It stops cancer cells from growing. Hormone therapy is often given to patients with early stage breast cancer as well as those with metastatic breast cancer.