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Cancer Survivorship and Wellness Programs

Cancer survivorship begins the day of a cancer diagnosis. Patients who have just been diagnosed with cancer, are currently going through treatment or have completed primary treatment are considered cancer survivors. The survivorship journey is different for each patient, depending on whether the long-term or ongoing effects are physical, emotional, spiritual or psychosocial. Memorial Hermann provides a variety of programs that address these needs for patients and families whose lives are touched by breast, prostate, lung and other types of cancer.

Canopy, a unique cancer survivorship center at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, is dedicated to shifting the conversation from experiencing cancer to living and celebrating life at every stage of cancer treatment – in other words, changing the focus from surviving to thriving. Similarly, the Lindig Family Cancer Resource Center at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center is open to all those who are in need of support and assistance when coping with the diagnosis of cancer. Canopy and the Lindig Center also serve the community at large by providing complimentary classes and information about health promotion, cancer awareness and prevention. These survivorship centers are open to all cancer survivors and caregivers, both men and women.

Classes and groups include art therapy, meditation, oncology nutrition, smoking cessation, lymphedema support, gentle yoga, chair yoga, grief support, stress relief, tai chi, cooking together, and a “coffee and support” group.

The goal of all staff members at all eight Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers is to integrate survivorship programs into the continuum of cancer care. Through strong community connections and compassionate support, the Centers provide programs geared toward improving the health and quality of life of cancer survivors post diagnosis.