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A Note From Leadership

Interior Cancer Journal

A Note From Leadership

Everyone at some point is touched by cancer. Whether it’s a loved one or a personal diagnosis, we will all encounter cancer at some point in our lifetime.

For those of us who have spent careers in the fight against cancer, we feel a deep connection to each and every one of our patients as we help them along their cancer journey. For me this connection comes as a result of the inspiration of my grandmother who had breast cancer. It was in the late 1960s and there was very little treatment for breast cancer at the time. My grandmother was the very example of a loving and generous spirit. She always went out of her way to love and serve her family, friends and neighbors. It is my privilege to have been influenced by her and motivated to continue her legacy of caring.

From our dedicated nurse navigators, who help guide patients through every step of their journey, to our expert affiliated physicians, who are committed to providing high-quality cancer care, it is everyone’s mission to be there when our patients need us most.

As reflected in this edition of the Memorial Hermann Cancer Journal, this fall Memorial Hermann rallied together as a system to spread the message of prevention and early detection, in particular, regarding breast and lung cancer. It is our hope that by maintaining Memorial Hermann’s strong presence in the community, we will continue the fight against cancer through screenings, prevention, education and outreach, because at Memorial Hermann, you’ll never fight cancer alone.

Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller, M.H.S.M., RN, NE-BC

Senior Vice President
Oncology Service Line

According to the American Cancer Society, a man’s lifetime risk of dying from cancer is 1 in 4, and for a woman, that chance is 1 in 5. As physicians who see cancer every day, we know a person’s best chance at beating this disease is through early detection. It is up to us to spread awareness and to continually educate our community on their risk factors and what screening options are available to them.

Over the past year, our physician steering committee, in partnership with Memorial Hermann oncology leadership, has made significant progress in expanding cancer prevention and early detection programs. In addition to our expanded Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening program, we have also increased access to cutting-edge tomosynthesis mammogram technology at our facilities throughout Greater Houston. Memorial Hermann is also encouraging any patient that walks through our doors to utilize a new screening self-assessment tool to help determine whether he or she is due for a breast, lung, colon or prostate cancer screening. Our hope is that the use of this tool, along with guidance from our expert affiliated providers and navigation team, will allow for early detection and better overall survival outcomes.

Thank you for being on this journey with us and entrusting your patients with our care. Together, we are fighting cancer one patient at a time.
Ron J Karni

Ron J. Karni, M.D.

Chair, Physician Strategic Steering