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A Note from Leadership

Today a woman will walk into a Memorial Hermann Breast Care Center for her annual screening mammogram. The staff and providers will be prepared to receive her and deliver specialized breast cancer imaging services.

She may go to lunch with a friend, return to work or go on the many errands she has planned for that day. She will not consider that there may have been a change in her breast health over this last year until she receives the call from her physician saying, “We see something in your mammogram that concerns us and want you to come back for some additional imaging.” Following her diagnostic workup, the providers will meet as an interdisciplinary team to review all of her diagnostic imaging and health history to correctly identify the type of cancer and the stage of her cancer, and individualize evidence-based treatment options for her. The physician, working in partnership with the interdisciplinary team and the patient, will provide the information and support she needs to make treatment choices that are best for her.

At Memorial Hermann, we stand ready to care for you and your loved ones should you ever have a diagnosis of breast cancer. As you read this current edition of the journal, I hope you see the way we at Memorial Hermann coordinate care and collaborate across specialties to give you the best possible cancer care experience. Our mission is to be sure that no one ever faces a cancer diagnosis alone. We will be with you every step of the way toward a healthy recovery.

As we close out Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let me remind you to schedule your screening mammogram today. Be well.

Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller, M.H.S.M., RN, NE-BC
Vice President
Memorial Hermann Oncology Service Line

It is important to recognize the broad scope of specialists comprising the team of providers at the Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers. We represent a wide spectrum of providers in medical and surgical care, chemotherapy, radiation oncology, specialty nursing, diagnostics, cancer rehabilitation, prevention, hospice and survivorship. Our services stretch across a large geographic footprint in the Greater Houston region. Our cancer treatment teams manage every cancer type, with access to cutting-edge technologies provided by world-class specialists. Our patients have access to a broad research program and clinical trials. And despite the growing complexity of cancer care over time, our distinguishing characteristic as a cancer program is a patient-centered approach, facilitating access for cancer patients to this wide breadth of providers and services in a seamless and coordinated fashion. Despite the regional devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the Memorial Herman Cancer Centers exhibited marked growth across all services in 2017. We have set forth an ambitious agenda for 2018, and we look forward to the challenge of continuing to improve cancer care for Houstonians.

Ron J Karni

Ron J. Karni, M.D.
Chair, Oncology CPC Subcommittee
Memorial Hermann Physician Network