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Interior Cancer Journal

Surviving Breast Cancer at a Young Age: Angel Marie Fields Moves on to Help Others

Angel Marie Fields was out with friends when she noticed that her chest felt tight and heavy. She felt a lump but did not give it much attention. After all, she was only 26. When she checked it again later, it felt like one big lump. She made an appointment with her ob-gyn, Hany Ahmed, M.D., who found three distinct lumps – two in her left breast and one in her armpit – and referred her to the Memorial Hermann Cancer Center-Greater Heights for an ultrasound.

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A Note from Leadership

Today a woman will walk into a Memorial Hermann Breast Care Center for her annual screening mammogram. The staff and providers will be prepared to receive her and deliver specialized breast cancer imaging services. She may go to lunch with a friend, return to work or go on the many errands she has planned for that day. She will not consider that there may have been a change in her breast health over this last year until she receives the call from her physician saying, “We see something in your mammogram that concerns us and want you to come back for some additional imaging.”

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Glenna Stoecker vs. Lung Cancer: She’s Winning

In 2013, Glenna Stoecker was hospitalized with pneumonia under the care of pulmonologist Mohammad Siddiqui, M.D. (Dr. Siddiqui), who is affiliated with Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. Dr. Siddiqui followed her with chest imaging every six months afterward. After noting changes in her right upper lung lobe in late 2015, he ordered a CT-guided biopsy, which revealed pulmonary adenocarcinoma, a common cancer that usually originates in the peripheral lung tissue.

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Moving Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer to the Next Level with HDR Brachytherapy and SpaceOAR®

A unique collaboration between radiation oncology and urology at Memorial Hermann Cancer Center-Memorial City has raised the standard of care for prostate cancer patients, improved patient satisfaction and increased volumes. One of only a few centers in the Greater Houston area offering high-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy for prostate cancer, it is also the only center with a radiation oncologist, Shariq Khwaja, M.D., Ph.D., certified by Augmenix® to use SpaceOAR, an abbreviation for Spacing Organs at Risk, which offers rectal protection for prostate cancer radiation therapy patients.

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Spotlight on the Breast Cancer Program: Best Practices in Breast Cancer Care

Memorial Hermann gives women the best breast imaging experience available at 19 Houston-area locations, combining advanced technology with fellowship-trained radiologists and a comfortable environment.

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Capturing Each Patient’s Unique Story Through the Memorial Hermann Cancer Registry

The Memorial Hermann Cancer Registry is dedicated to capturing the complete patient cancer experience from diagnosis to survivorship. Each patient’s cancer experience is unique, based on the physician’s treatment plan, cancer stage and outcomes. The work of the System’s registrars, through the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Commission on Cancer (CoC), leads to better information that helps researchers, physicians and administrators understand the management of cancer to find better treatment and improve overall survival.

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Memorial Hermann Cancer Center-Southeast Expands, Offers New Services

Consistently ranked in the top 1 percent in the nation in patient satisfaction, the Memorial Hermann Cancer Center- Southeast has expanded its services to better meet the needs of patients in southeast Houston and the Bay Area communities.

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Memorial Hermann Recruits Dr. Ernest Conrad to Launch Musculoskeletal Oncology Service

Ernest “Chappie” Conrad, M.D., has a well-established international reputation for the surgical treatment of sarcomas. At the University of Washington in Seattle, he paved the way and helped set standards for the world in assessing risk and response in sarcoma patients, using PET imaging, as well as in limb-salvage surgery for adults and children.

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Profiles in Caring: Cancer Support Team Members

Growing up with a mother who believed strongly in good nutrition, Erika Jenschke learned to cook at an early age. “My mom always made sure we had home-cooked meals, so I learned the importance of good nutrition,” Jenschke says.

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Ongoing Clinical Trials

A selection of current clinical trials available at Memorial Hermann.

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Community Outreach

Rubina Abrol, M.D., physician leader for the American Lung Association (ALA) in Texas, loves her role in patient education and provider advocacy, in part because before she became a physician, she was a patient. A cancer survivor, Dr. Abrol was diagnosed with lymphoma in her first year of medical school. In her third year, she contracted pneumonia and ignored her symptoms.

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Memorial Hermann Welcomes New Recruits

Six physicians, an oncology nurse navigator and an oncology social worker have joined Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers located across Greater Houston.

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Lung Cancer Survival 2017: New Treatments, New Strategies

The Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers sponsored a continuing education course for physicians and other clinicians on Nov. 10, 2017, at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital.

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